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Amy Kapitza was drawn to Central America over 14 years ago. She launched a successful and long standing restaurant in the beautiful caribbean town of Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica where she developed some serious surf skills. Amy has been surfing for 8 years and has traveled, and surfed, across Central America, California, Indonesia and Brazil. She not only speaks Spanish but can drop some serious Patois, mon.


Although Amy grew up in Canada, she happily traveled more in her youth than most do through their adult life. She knew from a  young age that living abroad, on the beach, was the life for her. Since this realization she has launched the aforementioned restaurant, became a serious contender in the water , and is finally launching the boutique surf and yoga travel company that she has long dreamed about. “Launching Oshiis Surf and Yoga Experience in Puerto Viejo Costa Rica makes sense to me because I know this region extremely well and some of my favourite breaks are right here; Playa Grande, Manzanillo and the world famous Salsa Brava.” says Amy. “I am also in love with Panama so you can guess where Oshiis is headed next!” She continues, “There are just so many incredible waves and beaches in Costa Rica and Panama and we are thrilled to share this with people who don’t get to live this sort of life on the daily. With Oshiis, you can trust us – your experienced peers – to properly curate this for you. Get down here and let’s have a time!” she laughs.
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When you meet Amira Richa Holmes you are immediately drawn towards her fresh enthusiasm for surfing and ‘pura vida’ demeanour. This accomplished architect became obsessed with surfing in 2006 and immediately restructured her life around her new steamy relationship with the ocean and surfing. “The first time I surfed was in 2006 on a trip to Australia for a university internship. I fell in love with it and started borrowing boards immediately when I returned to Panama”, says Amira. Her father gifted her a surfboard but had to reconsider his generosity when she began to neglect her studies to chase waves. “I eventually got the board back when I graduated. It’s the best graduation present I could have gotten”, laughs Amira.


A city girl for most of her life, Amira decided to leave behind the hustle of Panama City and combine her love of surfing, nature, design and painting. Her inner city apartment was traded in for a surf shack near Playa Venao, Panama and she (duck) dove head first towards her salty dream. Shortly after, knowing she had made the right decision, she purchased a small farm in the town of Tonosi and is the proud parent of a large vegetable garden. Amira is also a painter who creates art and apparel under the name Bongzaii. You can see her hand-painted art all over Central America with hats and t-shirts showcasing her favourite Panamanian surf spots.


Amira is an experienced surfer and guide. She charges big waves and offers big laughs. She is thrilled to share stories of her surf experiences in Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Peru, California, Florida, and Brazil.  She’s also thrilled to hear our guests’ stories and help create new ones through a shared passion for adventure and surf. Join her for a trip and start building those memories!


Gilbert is a native to Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica and has been surfing for 21 years and has been sponsored by Quiksilver for 14 of those years. He is a 4 time national surfing champion of Costa Rica, currently the coach of the national junior team, experienced travel surf guide and trilingual in Spanish, English and Patois.
Rigo is a native to Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica and has been surfing for 18 years. He won the Costa Rica Junior National Championship at age 15 and, along with fellow instructor Gilbert Brown, is an experienced travel surf guide and trilingual in Spanish, English and Patois.

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Photo by Tony Roberts.

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Photo by Edwin Morales via Surfline.com