Casa Oshiis


Looking for a place to stay while traveling to Costa Rica?

@casaoshiis is not your typical vacation home. Here you will be welcomed into a community, culture and lifestyle!

 Are you looking for a house to rent?

When you travel are you the type that wants to immerse yourself into the culture and community?

Do you like to learn about the local knowledge? Meet and hang out with new friends??

Possibly like me, a bit of an adrenaline junkie?

But do you struggle with the logistic of planning a trip? Or possibly you just don’t have the time or energy to do the research to find the best, most fun and most affordable activities for you and your family?

Well, look no further…

Staying at a home in a local neighbourhood is a great place to start!!

At Casa Oshiis it is more than just accommodation. You have the opportunity to instantly become apart of a lifestyle and a community, while your days are filled with laughter, adventures and exploration.

All with zero planning!!

We could start by telling you about the house and how its fully equip, how it has everything you’ll need, but those aren’t the selling features.

What’s great about Casa Oshiis is the team of people associated with the houses to make you and your loved ones feel welcomed and safe and to guide you towards the most amazing, authentic, and memorable experience.

Your Hosts

Your host will welcome you upon arrival with open arms and open hearts. They will be your point of contact in regards to anything related to the house and the area. They are there specifically to support you during your stay and to give you advice, tips and guidelines to have a fun, adventurous and active holiday.

Personal Guide

Another thing that sets Casa Oshiis apart from the rest is the option to have your own personal adventure guide. Having this option incorporated into your accommodation really simplifies the head ache of planning out an itinerary.

Your adventure guide will be your new best friend. They will be there to accompany you and your loved ones throughout your daily adventure activities. You will love hearing their stories about growing up in the area and them sharing their knowledge, insights and some of the local gems with you. Having a local guide is a game changer, especially if you like learning and understanding different aspects of a culture and a community. You will get to experience so much more when you have them there to explain and point out things you that you might have normally just walked by…

All of our adventure guides are native to the area and have a strong connection and awareness when it comes to living in harmony with Mother Nature. This gift is especially helpful when looking for animal sightings in the wild. We guarantee animal sightings 100% when with our guides.

Private Chef

If you are anything like me, one of my favourite parts about travelling is the food!! I love trying new exotic fruits, flavours and traditional plates!

With so many choices for restaurants these days its hard to know which are the most delicious and authentic. It must be even harder for those who have dietary restrictions.

This is where a personal chef is key! Your chef will source local ingredients to prepare a variety of traditional and world cuisine, according to your likes, needs and dietary preferences. Plus who doesn’t love a home cooked meal! A meal prepared at home with love will always beat a commercial version of the same dish.

Adventure Activities

Some of the adventures that we specialize in and can be included in your stay at Casa Oshiis are…
  • Surf Lessons ( All Levels)
  • River Kayaking/SUP
  • Waterfall Trek
  • Whitewater Rafting
  • Bike Riding
  • Zip Lining
  • Snorkelling
  • Scuba Dive
  • Indigenous Chocolate Farm



  • Botanic Garden
  • Night Hike
  • Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation
  • Yoga
  • Artesan Shopping
  • Live Music
  • Spanish Classes
  • Cooking Classes
  • Dance Classes and more….



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